Chestnut Brown Hair Color Ideas

Mila Kunis Chesnut Brown Hair Color

If we are watching the fall foliage change hue causes us also want a change, especially for our hair color. The closest match color for our hair is the chestnut brown. This color will give us a new look and fresher look.

The chestnut brown hair color is a combination on several color tones such as vibrant reds, deep browns and golden blonde undertones. These color combination reflect you personality and gives you some choices depending of your mood on that day. Continue reading

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Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Emma Stone Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash blonde hair color is one of various blonde hair colors the much preferred. Many Hollywood actresses dye their hair with this hair color. These days, the over-the-top light and matte shade of blonde still steals the attention. The trendy ash blonde appears self-confidence, cool, improper and cautious all at the same time.

For those of you who want to get ash blonde color, the thing you have to do first is bleaching your hair. It is necessary to make the color of the ash blonde is able to cover your original hair pigment. Red hair pigment may cause a tinge of yellow in the process. Continue reading

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Medium Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Julianne Hough Blonde Medium Hair Layered

What hair color do you like most? Bored with black hair color? Currently, you can choose a variety of other hair colors. Medium blonde hair color is a good idea. Besides appearing chic with a different hair color, do not forget to adjust the makeup with hair color that you select.

What is the point of adjusting makeup with your hair color? So that your face makeup perfectly and can support the appearance of hair color. Hair color to blend with the appropriate makeup is easy, so you do not need to go to the salon, but if you still want to go to a salon, it is not wrong, in order to obtain a more perfect makeup result. Continue reading

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Caramel Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Caramel Blonde Hair Color

Caramel blonde hair color is a beautiful color which is located between beige blonde colors with a golden brown color. This naming reflects as something rich in flavor and rich in charm. Caramel blonde color is the most suitable blonde color combined with all types of skin color. It also gives an impression of nature as well as the popular colors. Continue reading

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Golden Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Golden Blonde Hair Color

Another type of blonde is the golden blonde hair color. It likes the color of the sun mixed in a hair color. It is perfect for you who want a little lighter than a dark blonde color without creating very a significant switch.

However, the usual problem that occurs when someone trying to lighten their hair color is that the hair comes out looking flashy or too much gold in it. There are many causes that lead to such things could happen. But for every problem, there must be a solution. Continue reading

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