Medium Blonde Hair Color Ideas

What hair color do you like most? Bored with black hair color? Currently, you can choose a variety of other hair colors. Medium blonde hair color is a good idea. Besides appearing chic with a different hair color, do not forget to adjust the makeup with hair color that you select.

What is the point of adjusting makeup with your hair color? So that your face makeup perfectly and can support the appearance of hair color. Hair color to blend with the appropriate makeup is easy, so you do not need to go to the salon, but if you still want to go to a salon, it is not wrong, in order to obtain a more perfect makeup result.

Medium Blonde Hair Color

Make up color which matching with medium blonde hair is a bronze powder for the chin and cheeks. As for lip color use a brown color to make it look cooler.

Avoid using black, purple, pink, and gray, because it will be in stark contrast with the color of hair and it will not look good.

Basically, the make-up which matching with medium blonde hair, are soft colors tend to be dark so that can make a harmony with the hair color that is not too light nor too dark.

But do not dwell with the desire to perform with blonde hair color, even when you want to lighten your hair color. For those who want to do hair coloring, it is advisable to enlist the help of a hairdresser who was accustomed to do coloring hair, to avoid hair being red and damaged, or changed to a dull orange color.

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