Golden Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Another type of blonde is the golden blonde hair color. It likes the color of the sun mixed in a hair color. It is perfect for you who want a little lighter than a dark blonde color without creating very a significant switch.

However, the usual problem that occurs when someone trying to lighten their hair color is that the hair comes out looking flashy or too much gold in it. There are many causes that lead to such things could happen. But for every problem, there must be a solution.

Golden Blonde Hair Color

Good Looking Golden Blonde

If you want a golden blonde hair color, there are several things that must be done in order to get the perfect result, according to what you want.

First, you should know your hair type, warm or cold. Give color blonde on warm hair will only result in a yellow or orange color. If you’ve never done hair dye before, of course it’s a bit difficult for you to know your hair type. Therefore, the color that will be used for hair has to be adjusted with skin color.

Those who have dark skin tend to have warm hair types while those who have lighter skin and have green or blue eyes, tend to have cool hair types. In other words, if exposed to sunlight people with a warm tone, their skin will change to tan color easily, while the person with cool tones, their skin will burn easily.

Most of the hairdresser will tell you that they cannot dye overall of your hair with only one kind of color. They will give highlight and low light in some parts of hair. This is to provide a balance in the hair appearance, as well as to give the impression of natural hair. This guide is a good tips on how to get golden blonde hair color.

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