Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde hair color has many variants. But sometimes the difference in each variant is very thin, making it difficult for the person who is not an expert on hair to distinguish each variant. Dirty blonde hair color is one variant of blond hair color. But, no blonde wants to be called a dirty blonde.

However, the colors surpass the expectations set by its name. Dishwater blonde combines ash blonde with light blonde and happens naturally. The combinations of the two types give a subtle, highlighted appearance to the hair.

Taylor Swift Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Taylor Swift

Getting this kind of blonde hair color can be more difficult to attain for brunettes than other lighter shades. Even when using the right hair dye, you need to be aware of the potential booby trap you may face.

Use a few hair stylist advices that can help you get the perfect this kind of hair color for your look.

This kind of blonde hair color looks darker than other shades of blonde, but it’s very difficult to perfect, particularly for brunettes. The topper dirty blonde hair dye shade is ash blonde.

For some people, this kind of blond hair color is kind of the most attractive blonde. No wonder so many women, who gave their hair, color to this kind of blonde hair color.

Blonde hair colors like these, suitable for most skin tones, white, bright, brown, and other. Blonde hair color like this looks more natural than other blonde hair color.

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