Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Pretty or handsome face indeed would look more has appeal if accompanied by a blonde hair color. Especially when coupled with blue eye color, would really look like an angel. Blonde hair color has a wide variety and one of them is a dark blonde hair color.

The dark blonde is really fun among the types of blonde. This hair color becomes so popular in this year and proves to be a versatile color for all seasons. When someone wants this kind of hair color, the way it done will be different with the way which it should be done by someone else. To get a perfect dark blonde color, it would be easy for those who have blonde as their original hair color.

Stunning Dark Blonde Hair Color Idea

Very Stunning Dark Blonde

It would be a bit difficult for those who have the original hair color, dark. And will be more difficult, for those who have dark hair color, but the result of hair dye.

For those of you who have the original hair color, blonde, are very easy, you just have to dye your hair with that kind of blonde hair color, or add some highlights. And if your real hair is black, the first thing to do is bleaching, and then gives that kind of blonde hair color at the top.

Although it is very effective, but it can damage the hair. Another way is to highlight your hair with orange color, then use a toner with green or blue based color.

Little Tips about Dark Blonde

But for those of you who have black hair color as the result of hair dye, the treatment is more complicated. You have to perform repeated bleaching; with the risk of your hair will be porous and damaged. After the bleaching, the next process to obtain this kind of blonde hair color, similar to the process undertaken by those who have the original hair color, black.

Emma Roberts Dark Blonde Hair Color

Emma Roberts Dark Blonde Hair Color

Moreover, blonde needs extra-maintenance like toners, touch-ups, and deep-conditioning treatments to get the best color you want stays longer. So if you want to have dark blonde hair color, you should spend extra budget to do these maintenance.

Want to get dark blonde? Here is a good guide to get dark blonde.

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