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Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Taylor Swift Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair color has many variants. But sometimes the difference in each variant is very thin, making it difficult for the person who is not an expert on hair to distinguish each variant. Dirty blonde hair color is one variant of blond hair color. But, no blonde wants to be called a dirty blonde.

However, the colors surpass the expectations set by its name. Dishwater blonde combines ash blonde with light blonde and happens naturally. The combinations of the two types give a subtle, highlighted appearance to the hair. Continue reading

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Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Jessica Alba Honey Blonde Hair Color

Honey blonde hair color is a popular color in Hollywood. It is quite similar to golden blonde. However, it has slightly more light tones.

Hair color can indeed give different looks for someone. No wonder so many celebrities, who often change their hair color, with the aim of giving a new look, at every show they do. Many people (especially women) who often change their hair color, to get a new look which can give them a new energy. Continue reading

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Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Stunning Dark Blonde Hair Color Idea

Pretty or handsome face indeed would look more has appeal if accompanied by a blonde hair color. Especially when coupled with blue eye color, would really look like an angel. Blonde hair color has a wide variety and one of them is a dark blonde hair color.

The dark blonde is really fun among the types of blonde. This hair color becomes so popular in this year and proves to be a versatile color for all seasons. When someone wants this kind of hair color, the way it done will be different with the way which it should be done by someone else. To get a perfect dark blonde color, it would be easy for those who have blonde as their original hair color. Continue reading

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Blonde Hair Color Chart

Blonde Hair Color Chart

Most people would know that there are numerous types of hair colors, starting blonde, red, black, brown, etc. For blonde hair, there are many variants which sometimes the difference is not very visible between one type to another type. Blonde hair color chart shows the different of hair color, from blonde to black hair.

Chart helps us easier to find a color in a certain range and the appearance each type of hair. The chart is providing a plenty of options for each primary color, cool, warm, and neutral tones. Continue reading

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