Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde hair color does have its own charm. It can change the look drastically. Therefore, many people (especially women), who had the original hair color, not blonde, then coloring them being blonde. The intention is very clear; they want to change the appearance.

However, coloring hair to blonde is not always suitable for everyone. If someone wants to dye her hair blond, finding tone of hair dye which matches with the color of their skin is an early and fundamental step which must be done. In addition, also adjust the style or the haircut.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

For those of you, who have straight hair, try a boyish haircut. And when you will change your hair color with blonde color, in addition to bleaching, do touch-ups to the roots of the hair every three weeks in order to keep hair healthy and longer lasting color. Ask your hairdresser to give you a bright golden color and pale color highlight.

For those of you who have bright skin color, you are lucky enough if you want to dye your hair with blonde color because light-colored skin will always looks good with any hair color, especially blond. The blush blonde hair color can make your face look more flushed. To produce blush blonde hair color, mix strawberry blonde undertones color with gold highlights overall.

Hair coloring to a blonde color is something very interesting to do, but you should first consult with hair experts, what kind of blonde color which appropriate for you. If carelessly, your face will be look weird rather than become attractive.

Types of Blonde Hair Color

There are some types of blonde hair color that recently so popular. One of them are listed bellow:

Dark Blonde

Stunning Dark Blonde Hair Color IdeaPretty or handsome face indeed would look more has appeal if accompanied by a blonde hair color. Especially when coupled with blue eye color, would really look like an angel. Hair color blonde has a wide variety and one of them is a dark blonde hair color. Check out the latest ideas for dark blonde hair color.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde Hair Color - Jessica AlbaThis hair color is one variant of blonde hair color. Those who have pale skin or cool is very ideal with this type of hair color. This hair color can give the impression of a glowing face. More Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas here!

Dirty Blonde

Taylor Swift Dirty Blonde Hair ColorDirty blonde hair color is one variant of blond hair color. No blonde wants to be called a dirty blonde. However, the colors surpass the expectations set by its name. Dishwater blonde combines ash blonde with light blonde and happens naturally.

The combinations of the two types give a subtle, highlighted appearance to the hair. Find more Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas here!

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorStrawberry blonde hair color is a impressive beautiful shade. It’s an uncommon natural hair color to really be born with. There is a myth which comes with it, that someone who born with strawberry blonde hair is the lucky one.

Strawberry blonde hair color is neither blonde nor red but something in-between, with beautiful flecks of spun gold’s. Check out some strawberry blonde hair color ideas here!

Besides these types, there are still lots of types of blonde. I will update this page to provide you the full list of blonde hair color types.

How to Get Blonde from Dark Brown

If your current hair color is dark brown, this tutorial guides you to get blonde hair from your current hair color.