Violet Red Hair Color Ideas for Dramatic Changes

Bonnie Wright Violet Red Hair Color

Changing the hair color is something interesting to do. We have a lot of options for changing the color. The main type of the shining changing is in two, the gold and the silver type. A gold type is more fitted to the warmer color.

In the hair color, there are some colors with the bases of the red, the red orange, the orange, and the gold or the yellow. There have been so many people wore this one. Try the violet red hair color. Continue reading

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Sandy Brown Hair Color Ideas

Sandy Brown Hair Color

There are many kinds of hair types that people have. The different one may be the sandy brown hair color. What do people look on this type of hair?

There are some characteristics of this hair type. This is a fine hair. This type of hair is so dry and porous. It can never have the enough moisture and sucks it up from wherever.

This is a fragile, easy to break, and so susceptible to mechanical damage hair. And this type of hair is easy to heat damaged. Those are the common characteristics of this hair. Continue reading

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Warm Brown Hair Colors Ideas

Rachel McAdam Warm Brown Hair Color

We come back with the rest of the hair color guide. The rest of the tone chart will be the warm brown hair color and all about warm colors. We begin with the warm gold, like the decadent tone. There are many warm colors choices available. If we want something warm but still dramatic enough for the hair, the warm gold will be the best choice for us. This color will give us a softer and shining look. Continue reading

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Reddish Brown Hair Color Ideas

Alyssa Campanella Reddish Brown Hair Color

The bad look can happen with the wrong hair color. The key to creating the skin look the best and decreasing the appearance of acne is to find the hair color that complements the undertone of skin.

There are some hair colors that cannot be wore for all skin tones. Those must be matched with the certain skin tones. But it is not for the reddish brown hair color. This hair color is quite easy to match. Continue reading

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Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

Ash Brown Hair Color Idea

For warm skin toners who do want have the blonde, we are still able to get it with the ash brown hair color for blonde. If we own cool olive skin, we should choose the dark one.

We will often find the fair skinned person that wears the pale and looks washed out. Problems are that the shirt fits the skin tone much, does not present the enough contrast. If we want to have the good look, we should know what color of shirt that is good on our skin. This is the same as the hair color we wear. Today, the ash brown hair color is quite popular. Are we good on it? Continue reading

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